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Terry Maguire PhD

Selection of Reports, Frameworks and Publications

Below are a selection of reports and frameworks overseen by Terry Maguire PhD while Director at the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education:

Other Relevant Publications

  • Byrne, T., & Maguire, T. (2013). Doing the maths: the training needs of numeracy tutors 2013 and beyond. Research report published by the National Adult Literacy Agency, Ireland 

  • Donnelly, R., & Maguire, T. (2021). Building digital capacity for higher education teachers: Recognising professional development through a national peer triad digital badge ecosystem. European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, 23(2), 1-19.

  • Donnelly, R., & Maguire, T. (2020). Establishing and sustaining national partnerships in professional development and the recognition of open courses in teaching and learning through digital badges. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 36(5), 1-17.

  • Donnelly, R., & Maguire, T. (2018). Supporting Teaching and Learning Transformations Through the National Professional Development Framework: Establishing and Recognising an Inclusive Community of Practice for All Who Teach in Irish Higher Education. AISHE-J: The All Ireland Journal of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, 10(1).

  • Donnelly, R., & Maguire, T. (2018). Ireland's Higher Education Teachers Have a National Professional Development Framework, Now What?. In Transforming our World Through Design, Diversity and Education (pp. 655-666). IOS Press.

  • Donnelly, R., & Maguire, T. (2017). Sectoral Update on the National Professional Development Framework for Teachers in Higher Education: The Initial Implementation Strategy. AHEAD Journal, Issue 6.

  • Donnelly, R., & Maguire, T. (2017). Shining a light on the National Professional Development Framework for all who teach in Irish higher education: why it matters, how it works. Education Matters.

  • Keogh, J., & Maguire, T. (2018). Adults using mathematics in the workplace: From research to practice. Sense Publishers: Rotterdam. 

  • Maguire, T., Smith, A.M. (2018). Maths Eyes—A Concept with Potential to Support Adult Lifelong Mathematics Education. In: Safford-Ramus, K., Maaß, J., Süss-Stepancik, E. (eds) Contemporary Research in Adult and Lifelong Learning of Mathematics. ICME-13 Monographs. Springer, Cham.

  • O'Neill, G. McEvoy, E.; Maguire, T.  (2023) Supporting Assessment Literacy in Changing Times, In, In C. Evans and M. Waring, (2023) (Eds.) Research Handbook on Innovations in Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education, Elgar Publishing.

  • O'Neill G, Maguire T.  (2019) Developing Assessment and Feedback Approaches to Empower and Engage Students: A Sectoral Approach in Ireland., pp277-294  In   (Eds) Bracken, S; Novak, Transforming Higher Education through Universal Design for Learning: An International Perspective. DOI: 10.4324/9781351132077.

  • O’Neill G, McEvoy E, Maguire T. (2020). Developing a national understanding of assessment and feedback in Irish higher education, Irish Educational Studies 39(4):495-510. DOI  10.1080/03323315.2020.1730220

  • O'Neill, G.,  Maguire, T. Noonan, E (2016)  Developing an Irish Professional Development Framework for Teaching and Learning, in the Changing Higher Education Learning Environment., In European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) Conference Proceedings.

  • Safford-Ramus, K., Kumar Mishra, P., & Maguire T. (2016). The troika of adult learners, lifelong learning, and mathematics. Topic group essentials. Springer.

Mathematics Education

Research Focus

Engendering Numeracy in Adult mathematics Education with a focus on tutors, Doctoral Thesis 2000-2003

Have you Got Maths Eyes

Creator of the Maths Eyes initiative which has achieved national and international prominence as a means of bringing mathematics to life and building confidence in an individual‚ everyday use of mathematics.


Member of the Numeracy Expert Group for the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies(PIAAC) for the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (2009-2012) (2017-current)

INULIS (European Project, Team Member)

INULIS project developed an on-line assessment instrument to assess a range of quantitative knowledge and skills suitable for workers and small traders

Sigmaths (Bringing Numeracy to Life) Contributor

European project which aims to improve access to formal Maths qualifications for adult learners, especially those with lower education levels, through innovative, informal blended e-learning approaches

National Adult Literacy Agency, Ireland (Numeracy Advisor)

Meeting the Numeracy Challenge (2004) a development strategy for numeracy in adult basic education ; incorporating a strategy for the further development of adult numeracy in Ireland, and its integration into all adult literacy and adult basic education provision

Doing the Maths: the training needs of numeracy tutors in Ireland, 2013 and beyond (2013)

A Framework for the meeting the professional development needs of tutors of adult numeracy (2015)

Adults Learning Maths – A Research Forum

Chair of Forum 2013-15 inclusive.  Honorary Trustee 2016- present

Key Achievements in STEM Education and Public Engagement

Creator of Maths Eyes (

Member of the PIAAC Numeracy Expert Group (2009-2012 and 2017 to present.

Supporting evidenced based research

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